Tools for Communicating with Spanish Speaking Patients

The New England College of Optometry (NECO) is a private, nonprofit, and internationally recognized optometry school. NECO is committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse eye care profession. It’s LaVista Club teaches members how to perform an eye exam in Spanish.

These materials are the property of LaVista and the New England College of Optometry and have been provided to Latinos en Optometry to help doctors and students improve communication with Spanish-speaking patients who do not speak English. The reproduction, distribution, sale, or dissemination of any this content by you, or by you through any other person or entity, is prohibited unless express written consent is separately obtained from LaVista/NECO. Any use of this content without express written consent from LaVista/NECO is strictly prohibited.



These videos are designed to help students and doctors improve communication during an eye exam with Spanish-Speaking patients who don’t speak English.  These videos are not intended to substitute for the use of a translator, nor intended as demosntrations of correct optometric techniques.  In fact, several of the techniques have been skipped or modified to focus on teaching Spanish language and phrases in a clinical environment.

These  videos may contain copyrighted materials that are used in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.  Under that law, materials may not be saved to your computer, revised, copied, or distributed without permission. They are only to be used in support of instructional activity .